What platform do you host your community on?


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How do you host your community? Shared hosting? VPS? Dedicated Server?

For me, it depends on the size/complexity of a community. If the community is relatively small I will default to using my own shared hosting server or otherwise if a community is larger and has more requirements (i.e specialist plugins/scripts that require specific libraries) then a VPS or a Cloud server is the way to go.
I run a role playing hosting service on VPS with two cores my business is dedicated to gamers like myself, any small gaming community is welcome to host from me.. I would love to have a dedicated server but can't afford one at the moment, hopefully in the near future I would be able too. The reason why I went VPS is because its more reliable and the price was perfect, and the fact I'm allowed Root access, If I can't have root access I won't bother with the company.